The Prayer of Jabez starts, "Oh, Lord, bless me indeed and enlarge my territory..." When I prayed that I was thinking Livingston County but now I'm designing buildings in Guatemala!

In 2009 I was asked to go to Chichicastenango, Guatemala to design a campus for Pray America. On that trip I met with the site engineer and the President of Pray America, Ron Morin, and designed a master site plan as well as the individual buildings. In this photo you can see Casa de Sarita and the Community Building under construction. Casa de Sarita is a 7 bedroom home that will house abused and marginlized girls from the community after approvals are obtained. The builidng with the green roof is the shoe factory. The building under construction is now completed and contains a commercial kitchen, a large dining hall, a community room, laundry, 4 bedrooms and a dental clinic uptairs.
In February 2012, I went back to Chichicastenango with Don Clark and with the help of Marcy, Kat and Amanda, we built this playground. Future teams added a roof and a paintjob.
Pray America is committed to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Chichi and the surrounding villages. They have 3 feeding programs which serve about 1,200 meals each week. The civil war left thousands of widows and their kids so teams have built more than 850 widows homes, free of charge, given as "a gift from Jesus." I was priviledged to help build a house with another team from Michigan.

Pray America has other projects that are amazing and blessed. For more information, visit



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