[ABOVE] Economides Architects - this is The Villages At Taylor, Taylor Michigan. Rockwood Design was hired to help out with the drawings, then I went to the jobsite every week for a year to attend and document the Construction phase of the project. If you want multi-family, I can't help you and Economides retired and moved to the UP.  Due to the complexity of working for the State and Feds on these FHA and HUD jobs and having to wait for a year to get paid, there are not many Architects to call anymore.

Single-family residential? I've done about 5 houses in my career... for friends, and not even my own house. Some small additions in 2009 when I was just about starving (but God is faithful and we never missed a bill). Unless you want a huge house, I usually send callers to the bookstore to find a house plan book. So many thousands of designs have already been perfected that it is entirely possible to find exactly what you are looking for, pay a couple hundred bucks and buy the plans and start building. Unless a house is more than 2,500 sf, you don't need an Architect (or my fees) anyway. I can refer you to some other Architects that will take on your house project but it is really a specialty that I'm not really comfortable doing.
Printer's Row, Lansing
Check back later and I'll add some floor plans and edit these pictures. This is a beautiful project on a tight site. I need to get some new photos now that the landscaping has matured.



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