Rockwood Design, PC has been providing architectural services to Michigan since 1991! We provide services for all types of commercial and industrial projects.


Our clients fall into 5 categories:

1. Commercial Real Estate Managers.  Area verfication, tenant development drawings


2. Design/Build Contractors:


3. Pre-Engineered Metal Building: Butler, Varco-Pruden, Nucor and whatever brands are left after multiple mergers.


4. Commercial Building Owners or tenants: for these projects, I need the names of good Construction Managers to refer work to.  I usually advise against bidding projects and prefer to have my Owners work with a CM.  Please call me so we can arrange a meeting to see if we are a good match for work in the future.


5. Residential:  I have done a few for friends but since the codes are different and they involve a lot of time, I'd rather stay away from them. Luckily, there are many talented residential Architects in the Grand Haven area.

This beautiful home for some friends was built to replace the old family cottage that had a fire. I worked with them to put the new SIP structure on the remaining foundation. They did their own decorating and it is wonderful!  

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