What Makes Rockwood Design, PC different?

Creative problem solving. We think these ideas are so good that every business should adopt them. Go ahead, steal these ideas.

1. On-time policy. Seriously. If we are late to a meeting, you get a $10 gift card. It's a show of respect for your time if nothing else. These are from various businesses and if I can use cards that I buy from your business, I will do that. Clients loved the Sugar Berry frozen yogurt cards...okay, actually I ended up using those myself but they would have loved them! The only disclaimer to this policy is that if I show up late but you show up LATER, all bets are off!
2. I get my hands dirty, really. Usually bloody too and my nails are not manicured...deal with it. Don't be surprised to see me on your site at some point, sweeping up or on a scaffold asking questions about the latest cool tool your sub-contractor is using. In my free time I'm in jeans and steel-toed boots swinging a hammer or cleaning up storm damage or helping a friend do something. In 2012 I went to Guatemala with a friend and we built a playground I designed. That's a good story.

This is a 40' x 48' x 14' high pole barn I'm helping a good friend build. Of course, we are only working on the coldest days of the year. This hard work really gives me an appreciation for the trades on your jobsite and always a learning experience. The AIA pushed continuing education on the profession but I'd like to see another Architect keep up with me framing and climbing around in the trusses. THIS is continuing education.
Update: I'm getting too old for this. From now on, I'll do the plans but forget the manual labor.



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